6We produce high quality recycled 6F aggregates at competitive prices construction and industrial businesses in Derbyshire and the surrounding areas.

What are 6F2 aggregates?

The 6F class of aggregates refers to those materials which have been recycled from building, demolition or other construction sites. Recycled or secondary aggregates are becoming increasingly important to sites throughout the UK as demand rises.

Benefits of Recycled Aggregates

Recycled aggregates have many benefits. First, using recycled aggregates reduces the demand for primary aggregates and the work required to produce them. Recycled aggregates assist the entire construction industry, allowing it to be more sustainable. Ultimately, this leaves more aggregate available for use by future generations.

Recycled aggregate consists of demolition and construction materials, but it can also include industrial by-products like slate, colliery spoil and power station ash, to name a few.

Derwent Waste Management recycles aggregates into the 6F class.

Class 6F1 refers to selected fine grading that can include any combination of materials with the exception of unburned colliery spoil.

Class 6F2 consists of selected granular material of a coarse grade with the exception of unburned colliery spoil.

Class 6F3 is selected granular material that can contain any amount of granulated asphalt and recycled bituminous planings. This class excludes any material which contains tar or tar-bitumen binders.

Class 6F4 is generally evenly graded material of sizes ranging from 50mm diameter to dust.

Class 6F5 is well-graded material of sizes ranging from 125mm diameter to dust.

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