grab-lorry At Derwent Waste Management we provide an efficient brick and stone crushing service to produce new industrial aggregates.

Recycled Aggregates

25% of the UK’s demand for aggregates is met with recycled or secondary sources. This makes it a leading user of these materials in Europe. During the construction, re-modelling or demolition process, much waste is generated that can be recovered. Whilst some materials can be directly recycled into the same products, others such as brick and stone are best when reconstituted for use
in other products.

Separation and Crushing

Once construction waste arrives at our facility, it is separated into its constituent components. Brick and stone are then diverted to our MRF and concrete crusher, where all debris is removed and hard construction materials crushed into aggregate.

Aggregates are classified as sand, screened soil, crushed concrete, crushed brick and concrete fines or dust. All of these can be repurposed for a wide range of uses form general construction to commercial landscaping to general fill.


Our brick and stone crushing produces aggregate from rough hard-core to concrete fines. Our aggregate is a mixture of concrete, bricks and stone obtained from various construction sites. The raw material is collected in our vehicles, or customers can transport the material from their site to our facility. This hard-core aggregate is best used for industrial road purposes, including farm loads, landfill site haul roads and rough tracks.

Companies or individuals needing a particular grade of aggregate for their project can purchase these from us. Click here for more information about purchasing aggregates from us.

Call Us to Collect Your Brick, Stone and all other Aggregates

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