Environmental Policy Statement:

Derwent Waste Management and Belper Skip Hire Ltdgrab-lorry

At Derwent Waste Management we are committed to minimising the environmental impact of the company’s activities via continuous improvement in environmental performance. We seek to develop an ethos of environmental responsibility in all our employees, as well as in the management and running of all aspects of the company’s business.

The Directors recognise that with the collection, transfer and segregation of waste being the core activities of the company, there are numerous opportunities to protect the environment and promote the use of recyclable resources, while discouraging wasteful or damaging practices. Accordingly, it is the policy of our business to:

  • As a minimum, ensure compliance with all relevant environmental legislation and take such additional environmental protection measures as are considered necessary.

  • Promote awareness and understanding of environmental issues among all employees and clients.

  • Make employees aware of their individual responsibilities for acting in accordance with this Environmental Policy and encouraging them to contribute to its objectives.

  • Manage and conserve energy and water efficiently within all premises.

  • Reduce waste of natural resources, promote recycling and minimise the quantity of waste going to landfill in favour of recycling by regulating waste collection, production and segregation processes wherever possible.

  • Minimise the quantity of vehicle journeys while maximising the efficiency of each journey.

  • Maintain Belper Skip Hire’s Estate, plant and vehicles in an environmentally sensitive way.

  • Ensure that this policy is communicated to all employees and is available to the public.

  • Review this policy regularly.