We Will Buy Your Waste Cardboard1

Derwent Waste Management uses the baling process to convert waste paper and cardboard into new industrial products for the manufacturing industry at home and abroad. Do you have a surplus of waste paper or cardboard? We will buy your unneeded cardboard products at competitive rates, and give them a new life as high quality recycled products.

How we use your cardboard

Recycled cardboard has a wide number of uses, the most common being manufacture into new cardboard boxes and packages. Recycled cardboard is also used as installation, packaging material, animal bedding, compost and even coffins. Cardboard is composed of paper fibres that shorten each time the material is reused. Nevertheless, the average cardboard box can potentially be recycled five times or more before it can no longer be used.

Why recycle cardboard?grab-lorry-2

Recycling cardboard makes sound environmental and economic sense. In terms of cost, recycled paper and cardboard is almost 70% cheaper than manufacturing the same materials out of virgin wood. Environmentally, the cost of non-recycled paper is worrying. Each year more than 6 million tonnes of paper waste finds its way into landfill sites rather than recycling centres. As it decomposes, this cardboard and paper releases harmful amounts of CO2 and methane back into the atmosphere, exacerbating global warming. Furthermore, this wastage increases the dependence of the UK on paper imports – leading to 2.5 million tonnes of new paper products being shipped into the country each year.

By using companies such as Derwent Waste Management, you can recoup some of the cost of buying paper cardboard products. It is also an easy way to play a part in the environmental responsibilities we all share.

Contact Derwent

For great prices on waste cardboard, contact our team on 01773 830050 or 01773 607079, or email us on dwm@btconnect.com